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10 Reasons Your WordPress Website Needs a Redesign

Redesigning a website is not an easy undertaking as it is both time-consuming and most often requires deep pockets, depending on the scope of the project. However, redesigning also presents an opportunity in helping develop the eCommerce website to become a powerful tool in the future.

Today’s people choose to interact with modern and innovative websites constantly, while an outdated website leaves a negative impression on the users.

Moreover, taking advantage of today’s innovation in establishing your business website, allows you to propel the business forward in a competitive industry.

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Is Redesigning the Business Website Necessary?

Business owners looking to boost conversions, online presence and attract more customers – redesigning the existing WordPress website is among the best solutions. At a certain point, almost every eCommerce website has to undertake redesigning to offer a more improved and potent appearance online.

Most, if not all business websites have faced challenges while designing or when they started with a basic website. And now feeling behind in the modern and competitive industry, it’s high time to reassess your website’s architecture. 

Additionally, with Google’s volatile ranking elements and other complex SEO features, redesigning is prompted to realise your business’ main objective.

Key Factors in Redesigning eCommerce Website

We were told not to judge any individual’s outward appearance. Moreover, with an eCommerce website, aesthetics, colour-scheme, fonts and among other important things – matter and must be done accordingly. 

Improve user usability and experience

With today’s volatile technology – usability and effortless navigation are among the key features why redesigning your business website is beneficial. Consumers or potential customers gauge your website’s overall feature from how organised it looks including its loading time.

When the customer can’t find it or it takes them a few seconds to load the page – there’s a high chance that you will lose them even before presenting your top-notch products.

An effective channel in communicating with your audience

We can’t deny that people will look at a website’s appearance before placing their trust in you and become one of your loyal consumers. A cohesive website is more than just its appearance, it allows you to channel your business’ goals and values to your audience. And in return, seeing your business’ perspective is exactly what they have been looking for.

Showcasing new products and services

As the market is constantly evolving and your eCommerce website doesn’t reflect that – updating your website must be done accordingly through redesigning. The update includes your company’s latest information.

Once it’s done, your visitors will now be updated and will receive accurate information about your organisation’s offerings including your new products and services. 

Improved mobile-friendly site

The majority of the people accessing the web is through their mobile devices. Redesigning helps implement a more responsive and interactive design to the users. It is a key factor that allows your website to look impressive on all screen sizes.

How Often Do You Need to Redesign Your Business Website?

Redesigning a website has no rules. Moreover, there are things you have to consider before planning to take this path. For advanced websites that have eCommerce features, with a huge following and frequently update their blog posts – you need to consider a monthly routine checkup.

Furthermore, as we have mentioned, redesigning must be taken carefully as it can greatly affect the site’s overall structure including your SEO rankings. Depending on the scope and the necessity of the redesigning project, one of the most important things you have to secure is to entrust your project to a reliable service provider.

How to Safely Redesign Your Business Website Without Compromising 

Redesigning is a delicate process as it involves changing the architecture of the website including your well-ranked pages on Google’s search engines.

Moreover, what we want you to know is that some of these redesigning mishaps are due to negligence. To avoid the most dreaded event happening, here are a few considerations that ensure your redesign will go smoothly.

Know your target audience

Your main objective in undertaking website redesigning is to increase or stay afloat in all the eCommerce aspects. Setting your goal and knowing your target audience allows you to figure them out and create a website for them. 

You can also refer to Google Analytics to provide you with relevant information related to your targeted audience.

Let your current customers and potential clients know 

Before your site will go offline and to avoid compromising your rankings in the future, let your loyal followers and visitors know about the redesign project and know to come back after.

Let your customers be part of the project by providing a backstory on what necessitates you to undertake to redesign the site.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your WordPress Site

Allow us to further elaborate on the benefits of redesigning your WordPress business website.

Here are our top 10 reasons why you should redesign your business website.

1. When the site takes more than two seconds to load

A web page that doesn’t load completely in two seconds under any circumstances, simply shows that it’s slow. A web page’s loading time plays such a significant role in user experience.

In short, don’t expect potential customers to wait around if the website or page takes longer than two seconds to load completely.

2. Poor performance on social media platforms

A poor performing business website prompts various reasons as to why it’s not engaging. If the audience doesn’t find your thumbnails, description and title palatable, they will not bother clicking that link you’ve shared. 

Always opt for a good impression by organising your business website’s overall structure into your customers’ preference. After all, your targeted audience is highly active on social media thus taking this opportunity to your advantage.

3. Business website is not mobile-friendly

People are likely on their mobile phones the entire time, from waking up from their deep slumber and even before going to sleep at night. So, if you fail to structure a mobile-friendly WordPress website from the beginning, you will likely lose a significant number of followers in the future.

Verify your website’s overall structure from various types of channels such as smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. From there, take note of the following considerations including:

  • Is your website’s text legible?
  • Do the thumbnails and other images appear correctly?
  • Does the business website provide ease of navigation to a smaller portable device?

If you’re looking for a second opinion or don’t have the necessary resources, you can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to verify your website’s performance. To know more about your valuable users and where they come from, Google Analytics will help you weigh your options if it’s worth undertaking a website redesigning.

But one thing that we assure you, how your mobile site is structured will significantly affect your website’s overall performance on search results.

4. Poor business results

One of the most significant telling signs your business website is poorly performing is your low-yielding leads and sales. Then, without a doubt, it’s time to consider your options by redesigning your site.

To further engage in your future project, you have to be clear about what you’ll use to measure success and what to achieve such as:

  • Is it the number of leads and sales? 
  • Conversion rate? 
  • Is it the site’s low shopping cart abandonment rate? 
  • To increase the value of your products?

By setting specific key metrics on your redesigning project, will allow you to be more focused on your objective. It provides a room to understand what does not work and what works best for you and your valuable users.

5. Potential customers leave the site instantly

The sole purpose of a business website is for visitors to become your regular followers and consumers. You want people to browse your eCommerce site to purchase and consume your products.

If you want people to stick around your site, allow us to show you a few tricks that you can use to figure out if visitors leave the site instantly:

  • Bounce Rate. To put it simply, a bounce rate is when the visitor browses your site without visiting another page. The number of bounces will be divided by the number of your site’s sessions. Google Analytics provides a comprehensive context on bounce rates. Bear in mind that even if your visitor leaves the site instantly, but you’re still able to meet your business goals, then, you don’t have to worry about it. 
  • Pages/Session. This is an indicator of the average number of pages that visitors view per session. The higher the number means, the more pages your average visitors views when visiting your website.
  • Behaviour Flow. In the absence of the above-mentioned measures, behaviour flow gives you a better outlook about how thoroughly visitors go through your website. To find out more about behaviour flow, check out this overview from Google Analytics.

6. Increase online visibility

The internet is a volatile and competitive world for the eCommerce industry due to how heavily saturated today’s market is. As it is mentioned earlier, attracting website traffic is challenging especially if your site is not equipped with the necessary elements.

Bear in mind that Google prefers websites that take precedence over its preference. As a result, allowing you to land on its SERP successfully. Therefore, considering redesigning your website, it gives you the opportunity to employ robust search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to effectively increase online visibility.

7. Website content or features don’t display properly

The majority of visitors or potential customers are accessing the web with the use of their mobile and portable devices. When your site lacks interactive features and displays irrelevant content, don’t expect visitors to continue their transaction with you.

Although there are minimal glitches that require little adjustments, there are cases where it necessitates you resort to redesigning your website. By implementing a responsive feature, it guarantees you that no matter what type of device your customers are using, your new website will be portrayed in the best light.

8. Visitors can’t find what they are looking for on your website

Always consider designing your website according to your audience interest. And of course, in line with Google’s preference. Your visitors should be able to navigate or figure out what they want to do.

A user-friendly website allows your customers to subscribe, purchase or inquire easily without any assistance. If your website lacks any of the following elements, then, don’t think twice about redesigning your site’s structure. 

9. Top competitors have undertaken to redesign their site

One way to find out why you need a website redesign – check out your top competitors or companies in similar industries. If your competitor has recently changed their designs and it’s way better than your current website, it’s time to weigh your options.

Outdated website design is more than just aesthetics. As we mentioned earlier, today’s generation is more attracted to fresh and interactive features. And for the sole purpose of your website, it is to optimise and increase conversion rate.

10. Your business website is not secure

With today’s emerging trends and volatile innovations, there’s a high chance your website is vulnerable to attacks if your current website was created five years ago. Industries that are vulnerable to these bold attacks are the eCommerce sites related to sending or receiving payment.

In case your company has been victimised by these brazen attacks where customer data has been stolen and website’s held hostage, your website needs to be overhauled. Redesigning is no longer effective in cases such as this that necessitates you to start from the ground up.

Final Thoughts

A website redesign is a complex and delicate process that transforms your website both outward and within. Depending on the scope of the project, your website will most likely receive a new set of updated menus, logo, page layout and more which can affect your UX including your SEO.

Among other things, it will also modify or fully replace your content with a new copy which again will greatly impact your SEO. Regardless of what will transpire – you will lose traffic eventually. But you can still make up for your losses by improving your engagement through your innovative and interactive design.

With website redesigning, it will open new opportunities allowing you to reach new heights and help you realise your goals and objectives for your eCommerce. Finally, to avoid any mishaps in the course of redesign, make sure to work closely with your trustworthy UX designer and website developer.

If you want to achieve your goals, equip yourself with what is about to happen and the people involved in the process.